Trucks Gone Wild heads to Redneck with Paychecks for First Time

For the first time ever, Trucks Gone Wild is headed to Saint Jo, Texas and the World Famous Rednecks with Paychecks Mud Park! We are excited to add this event to our 20 Year Celebration Tour and we are going to help them break in the addition of the New & Improved Back 40. EPIC!!

Michigan Gets Wild – Michigan Mud Jam 10th Anniversary

We celebrated 10 Years of Michigan Mud Jam in 2023 with friends from all over the country. We love this place, the events and especially the people. Top notch action with events every day and a Party like no other around. Watch and enjoy some of the highlights from this year’s event.

Pure Maine Madness at The Barnyard – 4×4 Action

Trucks Gone Wild headed back up to Livermore, Maine for its Annual Adventure at the Barnyard All-Terrain Mud Park. The 2023 trip was a homerun with awesome friends, family and action-packed footage from the weekend’s events. Enjoy the highlights and make your plans for 2024!