Barnyard Party in the Mud – 2022 Event Recap

The Barnyard All-Terrain Crew hosted another Homerun event up in Maine this year. Amazing people and action take over this annual event each and every time we visit. They also held live concerts each night for the fans. Check us out on all the socials for more live events like this.

Huge Trucks doing Tug of Wars at Florida Bar – The Barn

Trucks Gone Wild presents the June 2022 Mega Truck Tug of Wars and Truck PArty at the Barn in Sanford, Florida – awesome parties during the year with amazing mega truck action and entertainment. Next event Nov 5th, 6pm start time at The Barn in Sanford.

New York State Off Road Park – Mountain Maddness 2022 – Part 1

Trucks Gone Wild makes its return to New York this year and had a blast! The event was hosted and held at New York State Offroad Park and Mountain Maddness. Here is Part 1 of the weekend’s action and highlights. Events featured were Mega Truck Racing, Bogging, Tug of Wars and Barbie Downhill.